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How Can I Prepare My Child for Preschool?
  • Be enthusiastic about school.
  • Teach independent dressing skills.
  • Teach independent bathroom and good health skills.
  • Give them lots of first hand experiences.
  • Read!!!
  • If they are ready to work on their name, use upper and lower case.

Tuition Assistance
We not only want to give your child the best education, we also want to help make it affordable. Check out our Scrip program and begin earning rebates to apply to your Preschool tuition.  

St. Michael Parish Scrip Program

We are pleased to share some exciting news about a program our organization offers. It is called “Scrip”.  The program that works while you shop. 

Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money”. In other words, Scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. Hundreds of popular retailers participate in our Scrip program including Meijer, Shell Gas, Speedway, Cuginos and many, many others.

The program is simple.  Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization at a discount. Families, like yours, buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and you and our school share the difference/rebate. Our school retains 14%, which goes towards the annual school budget and helps to cover expenses to run the program. Our families keep the remaining 86% of the difference. This amount may be applied to your childcare account or to other program offered at St. Michael.

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