Our Curriculum

Each week we have a theme, some last one week, some longer.  Some of our themes include: fire safety, friends, holidays, oceans, bugs, opposites, x-rays, dinosaurs, numbers, nursery rhymes, ice, games, zoo, rainbows, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, camping, kites, rainforest, and farms.

We use Alpha Animals, and hands on experiments to teach science.  

We have a theme and animal that goes with each letter. Songs, word of the day, rhyming, name recognition, and poems are used to learn our ABC’s and the sounds that they make. 

We use math experiences as counting, number recognition, graphing, shapes, colors, patterns, and comparisons. 

Creativity with a variety of materials and increasing small motor skills are our focus in art. 

Social/Emotional Skills
We cover identifying and expressing feelings in socially acceptable ways, developing friendships, taking turns, sharing, good manners, and following school and classroom rules. 

Our religion series is Education in Virtue program. Lesson plans are posted in the classroom for you to view. A complete list of virtues and details about the program can be obtained from the teacher or principal.